MMAS Research LLC provides diagnostic assessment solutions using the validated ©Morisky Medication Adherence Scale™. The Morisky Widget automatically administers (to any internet connected device) MMAS tests in over 80 languages with zero clinician and minimum patient burden.

Over 110 condition specific versions of the MMAS-8 are available. Condition specific tests offer sensitivity of 93% as compared to the generic MMAS-8 at 83% sensitivity.

The Morisky Widget can be used as a stand-along diagnostic service or integrated with your existing solutions (e.g., EMR,Surveys). Integration offers the ability to correlate risk levels for medication non-adherence with the most current physiological measures to alert clinicians for the urgent need to modify prescriptions, interventions, and referrals to treatment.

Use of the ©MMAS is protected by US copyright laws. Permission for use is required. A license agreement is available from MMAS Research LLC. Click here to contact us.

Morisky Widget Training and Certification AbbVie Patient Coaching Program, Reggio Emilia Italy 2017

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