Morisky Widget

MMAS Research LLC grants perpetual licenses for the Morisky Widget MMAS-8 to health care organizations to optimize medication adherence for patients with chronic and infectious disease.

The Morisky Widget MMAS-8 condition and medication specific assessments not only measure the level of medication adherence, (low, medium and high) with 93% predictive validity, it also identifies why the patient is not taking their medications.

The Morisky Widget quantifies two dimensions of medication taking behaviors, 1) intentional and 2)unintentional non-adherence.

The Morisky Widget correlates the level of non-adherence with physiological outcome measures of for disease in control.

The Morisky Widget can identify and precisely measure the severity of the barriers to medication adherence; polypharmacy, determinants and disease impact.

The Morisky Widget results include the answers provided to the assessments, the total medication adherence score, the intentional score, and the unintentional score for each of the tests included in the assessments. Additionally, organizations can export/download all of the completed assessments so that they may be imported into existing systems or used for studies.

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